What is Fuffabulous?

fuff·fa      [foo-fah]


[Italian] unwanted material

fuf·fabu·lous    [foo-fahbyu-luhs]

used in a sentence

  1. Eliminate fuffa from your wardrobe and be free.
  2. One girl’s fuffa could be another girl’s shopping spree.
  3. I haven’t worn it a year, but this dress could be fuffabulous.

Fuffabulous is an attempt to discuss sustainable fashion, recycling and vintage through interviews with women from different walks of life, to understand how they have fun with fashion, their attachment to clothes, their purging habits, their shopping habits and what they usually do with clothes they don’t use any more.

I ask friends and countrywomen to lend me their wardrobes – clothes that are not hanging in their wardrobes but clothes they are hanging on to, for sentimental reasons, or any other justification we give ourselves to still keep that 5 year-old dress that we have worn only once (or sometimes, never worn!). I am asking them to let go and promising them to love their stuff like my own, style it and take fuffa to fabulous.

The point is to style the clothes in a way that is completely different from how the person who gave us the outfit would have worn it – a suggestion of the many lives of a single garment. And for me a styling essential is to do what is unexpected, so don’t be surprised to see a emerald gown paired with brogues and dreamy beige lace with leather and animal print!

Q: And then what happens to those clothes?

I give you a chance to make them your own!

Coming soon: FuFabBuy – A re-commerce initiative by Fuffabulous – the clothes or accessories given away by these fabulous women, in perfect condition, carefully curated and thoughtfully re-priced, for you to give a new lease of life.

Q: But what do the original owners of the clothes get after the emotional parting?

You mean besides a neater wardrobe and a lighter spirit? They have one of two very noble choices:

1. Ring out the old, ring in the new. The fuffa is now money, go on a shopping spree!

2. Divert the money to a charity closest to your heart or ours.

So much joy all around, isn’t it?

Keep reading!

If you have stories to share and fuffa to let go of, mail me on fuffabulous@gmail.com. Looking forward to meeting you!


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