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Interview with Anjali Kirpalani, Author of Never say Never + producer and anchor at ET Now

Like the protagonist of her novel, Anjali Kirpalani does not consider herself a ‘fashionista’. As much as she loves clothes and shopping, she says she is too laid back a person to have a very fashion forward style. Not one to sport anything that might be considered OTT, she loves wearing comfortable dresses in solid colours. Only recently, she has discovered a love for prints.

Beige and black dotted dress with a cape-like back

Beige and black dotted dress with a cape-like back

“The protagonist of Never Say Never is based on me. And like her, I know if I put in the effort I can look nice. But most days I am too lazy to do that,” she laughs. Anjali is not an impulsive shopper either. “I have been impulsive in the past, but I have learnt my lesson,” she says. She shops about once a month, or when she needs something in particular, usually from stores at Palladium or boutiques in Bandra. Otherwise her sister who is based in America sends her clothes regularly. “Also, I was in NYC last year for the July sale. It was fantastic,” she says.

Purchased in 2012

Purchased in 2012

Not averse to vintage or recycling clothes, having two older sisters the same size as her works to her advantage. “I end up taking a lot of their clothes,” says the author of the ‘chick-lit’ that released to positive reviews this year. Otherwise she says she is a bit lazy about maintaining her wardrobe and just ends up wearing the same clothes often because they are the first things she can reach out to in her closet.

Number of times worn: 1

Number of times worn: 0

However, when it comes to purging she has no choice but to be regular because her wardrobe is replenished often enough by her sisters and she has to make space for the new clothes. The dotted dress that she has decided to give away to Fuffabulous is also a gift from her sister. But since she didn’t end up wearing the dress even once, she decided it was time to let go.


The dress is perfect for a UK size 8. A belt and chunky necklace can be added to give the dress a more structured look.

Model friend: Priya Pereira Chhabria; Styling: Rachana Nakra and Radhika Dhawan; Accessories: Stylist’s own; Photographs: Anand Wahane; Location: Kala Ghoda, Mumbai


A dress without a dinner date

Interview with Hemali Jain, founder of luxury shopping website Shopclusive.com

An addiction to shopping online and a love of fashion and designer wear is what inspired Hemali Jain to found her own e-commerce set-up in India.

morvarid k_9

Karen Millen one shouldered pleated dress

The tags in Hemali’s personal wardrobe read like the designer list of any top luxury e-commerce website. It’s not a surprise then that Net-A-Porter is an online favourite. And as someone who is able to jet off to fashion capitals every two months, most of her shopping is done in London, Milan and New York. To make up for the frequency with which she shops, ‘spring cleaning’ in not just an annual chore. “I like to get rid of my old clothes every month so I can make space for the new ones,” she says.

morvarid k_5

Number of times worn: 1

The stunning one-shouldered pleated dress by Karen Millen (also one of my favourite British brands!) was worn for a dinner out with friends, once. After that it found no other occasion to see candle-light or table-cloth. “I still love the dress, but bought other stuff that I wear and so this one just gets ignored,” she says.

Most of the unwanted garments are passed on to friends. “I segregate the clothes depending on the taste of my friends. I know which friend of mine will like a particular outfit from my wardrobe,” she says.  At current count, she owns 60 handbags by some of the best labels available. As generous as she is with her clothes, bags are an obsession and never to be parted with.

photo (3)

The knee length dress is as-good-as-new and fits a UK size 8. Perfect for a special evening out, it can be paired with high heeled booties and a statement cuff. 


Model friend: Kadambari Sadekar; Location courtesy: Le 15 Pattisserie, Bandra; Styling: Rachana Nakra; Accessories: Stylist’s own; Photographs: Morvarid K. She is a French/Iranian artist photographer who has a solo exhibition in New Delhi starting April 10. More info at http://www.wonderwall.co.in

Memories, cupcakes and first dates

Interview with Pooja Dhingra, pastry chef, Le 15 Patisserie

I am a sucker for nostalgia, for trips down memory lane. And through my interview with ace pastry chef Pooja Dhingra I proved my theory that women, clothes and nostalgia are a strong connect. As she brought out the purple ruffled tunic to give me, Pooja’s first words were ‘I remember…’ And what followed is a story full of excitement, action and adrenaline. I only exaggerate a little bit. Pooja especially bought the New Look top to wear for new year’s eve in Paris in 2009. After celebrations with friends at her flat, at midnight they stepped out to watch the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. “These men started bothering my girl friends and it soon started to go a bit out of hand. I had no choice but to whack them hard and get them to apologize,” she says grinning.

New Look top, EUR 30; Number of times worn- 1

New Look purple top with ruffles, Number of times worn- 1

Pooja didn’t get to wear the top or whack misbehaving men again, but she recalls that night as clearly as the opening of her new stand-alone store in Bandra two weeks ago. And I am not surprised she remembers what she wore for every memorable occasion in her life, including her first date in 2005 with her now ex-boyfriend. “It was a cute black top with a bow,” she smiles. And she still has that top. The Fendi sunglasses were a gift from her parents on a family trip in Milan in 2006. “I used them a bit but later bought other sunglasses so they have not been used in a while.” Memories associated with the things are enough to hold on to them.


Fendi sunglasses, Number of times worn – few

Between running her kitchen, stores at Palladium, Good Earth and Bandra, Pooja doesn’t find time to shop at leisure. So she leaves it for holidays abroad. She likes clothes but loves handbags. “The first bag I bought from my own money was a Dior after I completed my internship in Switzerland,” she says. The bags are still around but she purges her clothes every year before Diwali. “I give away the clothes to Cancer Foundation.” The top and sunglasses will be sold to someone who will love them as much as her and the proceeds will go to charity.


The top is a UK size 12 – 14 and can be paired with printed tights, leggings or jeans. The sunglasses are in perfect condition.
Model friend: Kadambari Sadekar; Photos and styling: Rachana Nakra; Accessories: Stylist’s own; Instagram @poojadhingra