About Us

Rachana Nakra

I have been a writer all my life. In a non-professional scenario I was putting down thoughts into diaries, essays and poems, as a thirteen-year-old under my blanket with a flash-light after 9 pm lights-out in my dormitory at boarding school. As a twenty-one-year-old I discovered how to convert my love for food, fashion and writing into a profession and became a journalist.

Since then I have also been styling fashion shoots, but haven’t stopped writing on fashion full-time and freelance, for The Indian Express newspaper, Mint Lounge, Vogue and Architectural Digest. In 2012, while completing a Master’s in Fashion Management in London – between streaming TV shows (have you seen The Good Wife yet?), exploring vintage stores and researching eco-fashion – I decided to do this…

Create a blog about fashion, responsible fashion, vintage, and a little bit of beauty.

And it wasn’t long before Radhika Dhawan, a friend and immensely talented fashion entrepreneur came on board as a partner. In her own words:

Fashion has been a very natural course of career for me. After completing a post graduate course in Marketing from UK, I returned to India and joined Italian fashion brand GAS as a buyer and merchandiser. In August 2008, I decided to pursue my dream and started First Row, as a travel boutique. First Row also went on to become one of India’s first fashion e-commerce portals. In the summer of 2010, my decision to further my knowledge of the global fashion industry lead to a course at the Paris campus of the well reputed Istituto Marangoni. Studying in a fashion capital of the world, besides London, was another dream come true!

Since successfully selling First Row in late 2012, I have taken on a consultancy projects like the Nachiket Barve & Le 15 collaboration, hosted events for Kiehl’s and worked as the editorial head for the Lakme Fashion Week official on-site magazine – The Daily in March 2013. Now I also a regularly contribute to the DNA newspaper and have green-shooted Back Alley’s Thrift Shop – a non-profit initiative.

With our common love for vintage, re-commerce, eco-fashion and a compelling need to contribute to a non-profit organisation it was a perfect fit for us to collaborate on Fuffabulous. Hope you understand the spirit of Fuffabulous and enjoy reading the blog as much as we love writing it.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Got so engrossed in reading your posts … Super work … Always remember ”if people aren’t laughing at you, your dreams aren’t big enough”

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