Collaborations seem to be the flavor of this post, most of which are very exciting this time. Issa have collaborated with Banana Republic to make a line of (kinda boring) dresses that are modelled on dresses worn by Kate Middleton, Barbie got a makeover from Coach and the suave Raghavendra Rathore (I have to admit I’ve had a little crush on him forever!) collaborates with Johnnie Walker.

Banana Republic & Issa

Banana Republic has not been playing coy about the major pop culture association of its latest collaborator, Issa London.

Banana Republic’s capsule collection with the British contemporary brand is practically been publicized as a Kate Middleton greatest hits collection which includes not one but six Issa looks Middleton has worn over the years, including the famous royal blue engagement frock that called major attention to the brand back in 2010. The recent launch of the collection was well-timed indeed, but don’t think it was planned.

The Duchess of Cambridge at her engagement announcement

The Duchess of Cambridge at her engagement announcement

“Who’s Kate Middleton?” joked Banana Republic creative director and EVP Simon Kneen when asked about the Duchess connection. “I wish we had [planned it]. Obviously, it was all just destiny. We started talking about [the collaboration] before we even knew Kate was pregnant, let alone when she was having the baby, so it all worked out.” The timing had more to do with the season–Kneen felt the summer to fall transition would be the “perfect” moment for a collection of dresses.

And even though Middleton hasn’t worn the iconic blue dress since 2010, it’s pretty much engraved in our memories at this point – at least that’s what Kneen is banking on. “The iconic blue dress, at the time, wasn’t even available to the public. To be able to offer that for the first time ever…it’s bound to be a hot seller.” Especially at a fraction of the price–Issa’s version cost $575 while Banana Republic’s version is only $130.

This is Banana Republic’s second high-profile collaboration after Mad Men, and it already has a third in the works with L’Wren Scott, which Kneen promises will yield lots of “fabulousness.”

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Coach & Barbie

COACH has given Barbie a high-fashion makeover. The American accessories brand has teamed up with Mattel on a collector’s edition version of the famed doll.

The Coach-designed Barbie sports a miniature classic checked Tattersall trench coat, suede skirt, striped jumper, sandals and sunglasses – modelled on the brand’s real life spring/summer 2013 collection – and comes complete with her first ever genuine leather accessory. The duffel bag was created in the same factories and with the same materials as Coach’s life-sized consumer handbags. A batch of 13,000 dolls has been produced.

Coach for Barbie

Coach for Barbie

Coach follows a trio of London designers who’ve also worked their sartorial magic on Barbie: Fred Butler, Sister by Sibling and Nasir Mahir unveiled the results of their collaboration with the doll recently, to celebrate the opening of a dedicated Barbie department in Selfridges. The Coach Barbie, £95, will be available to buy at Coach retailers internationally as well as in Mattel stores worldwide.

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Raghavendra Rathore for Johnnie Walker

Designer Raghavendra Rathore, known for patenting the bandhgala cuts and Jodhpurs, has now associated with Johnnie Walker Black Label to design limited edition packaging for the brand. The design is inspired by Rathore’s trademark “bandhgala jacket” and the pack is crafted to deliver a unique experience to whisky lovers.


“Over the last two decades, the bandhgala jacket has become a hallmark for a modern, sophisticated Asian style and represents a revival of the true legacy of a bygone era. The packaging will now flaunt the very elegance, making a statement of genuine substance in my signature designs,” he said.

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Here’s a little update on the Michael Kors store and an interview with him by Bandana Tewari

Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts talks about positive energy

And once again rumours of John Galliano getting a permanent position at Oscar de la Renta are out. I sincerely hope it’s true. The man is a genius! Crazy, but genius!!


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