It’s all in the past

What with The Great Gatsby being the movie of the moment and Nicole Kidman promoting her turn as Grace Kelly at Cannes 2013 for her upcoming big ticket film, period themes and vintage fashion are making a comeback once again. As is prone to happen every few years (Mad Men and Downton Abbey are still people’s most watched TV shows). From the fascinating stories of the 20s to the exciting fashion of the 60s, the themes are strong enough to never really get boring as often as they might be repeated.

The three bloggers who form the Vintage Mafia

The three bloggers who form the Vintage Mafia

Our fascination with the past continues to inspire our present. But there are people who prefer to actually live in the past, at least sartorially speaking. Heard of The Vintage Mafia? No, it’s not a posse dedicated to committing old-fashioned crime, these are women who prefer dresses to skinny denim and red lipstick to bronzer. Their nefarious activities include organising events and sales for other vintage aficionados and drinking lots of gin. If you like flip flops and studded totes, don’t sign up. Updos with back rolls, Lucile Ball lips and retro dresses, these women notch up the glamour quotient every time they step out. From 20s to the 60s their love of everything vintage has become the theme of their lives which they document on their individual blogs – Yesterday Girl and Diary of a Vintage Girl.

Fleur de Guerre of the Diary of a Vintage Girl

Fleur de Guerre of the Diary of a Vintage Girl

Besides shopping at vintage stores and going for afternoon teas, they have made a career out of their love for the past as stylists, writers, event organisers and even in fashion design. The Vintage Mafia group includes only three of the many vintage loving bloggers around the world, although not all of them go to the extreme of adopting the style of the past on a regular basis. Just a Google search for vintage blogs will lead you many, many more. So if you want inspiration for your vintage look (or just have fun), read these women who have dedicated their lives to it in an entirely creative way.

Yesterday Girl chanelling Joan Holloway of Mad Men

Yesterday Girl chanelling Joan Holloway of Mad Men


1 thought on “It’s all in the past

  1. Really enjoyed this post! I love the dresses from the post-WW2 and the Mad Men era- cinched waists and feminine silhouettes. Will check out vintage mafia right away!

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