Things I learned while working on this…

  1. I was expecting some fun and insightful stories about women and their love for clothes. I got just that.
  2. Women develop very real attachments to their clothes. Words like psychological trauma, emotional experience, guilt etc were liberally used during the interviews.
  3. If you give them a good reason, those very women will generously give away something they have been holding on to for years. Even though we may not admit it out loud, we all know the clothes we will never wear again.
  4. The ciders in London need to come with a statutory warning. I was supposed to style these clothes on myself, but my new size 10-12 formed a hindrance to the plan. So my friend will be the clothes horse. It also makes the process of styling the look and taking pictures much easier for me.
  5. Travelling to Versova is a bloody pain

The clothes and accessories are coming out of hibernation and going where they belong – on a person. Since I am responsible for styling the looks, I went with my personal aesthetic. So don’t be surprised to see brogues paired with an emerald evening dress or leather and animal print with lace. Hope you enjoy that element of ‘surprise’ in a look, that masculine or grungy touch to a soft, feminine ensemble.

First interview soon!


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