15-year-old denims and other stories

With Maria Goretti, Mom and TV host

Gavin Miguel emerald green dress

Gavin Miguel emerald green dress

“I still don’t know what to give you!” Maria Goretti’s impassioned text message to me as I navigate the streets of Andheri to her home is no deterrent  She had been extremely excited about this project over the phone and had made a solemn promise to handover something lovely from her wardrobe. This was classic cold feet. I replied, “I’m sure you will find something, don’t worry.” And she did – a beautiful emerald gown.

But it was an emotional parting – in her words.

A warm and extremely affable person, it is a pleasure meeting Maria and discussing her wardrobe. Now a mom and a cookery show host, she has come a long way from her MTV VJing days. But her closet hadn’t, till very recently.

How long back, would you say, does the oldest garment in your wardrobe go? Maria’s goes 15 years! She still had some denims from when she was a VJ. “I loved those jeans but had to discard them because they were out of style,” she says. Otherwise Maria is quite regular with discarding unwanted and unused clothes. “Every six months I call my close friends over to take whatever they like. The rest I pass on to an orphanage,” she says.

The emerald dress is made by Gavin Miguel, one of Maria’s favourite designers. She bought the gown for a portfolio shoot about 5 years ago, but didn’t end up wearing it either for the shoot or otherwise. “I love the dress and how it moves, but I just never got the chance to wear it. I have never again been in that same shape,” she says.

Purchased in 2007; Number of times worn: 0

Purchased in 2007; Number of times worn: 0

Maria isn’t an impulsive or a random shopper, and buys only what she really likes regardless of label or brand. She likes to dress unique and mostly shops while travelling abroad. This makes it harder for her to part with stuff. “Can’t believe I have never worn it,” she tells me, making a sad face. The dress has been resting at the back of her closet since then and she hadn’t been able to give it away, for the cost and for her love for it. “But I think I can part with it for someone who will appreciate it and actually use it,” she smiles, and finally let’s go.

The dress is indeed beautiful and will get you tons of compliments, it fits a size 8 perfectly and the lightweight fabric moves just as well as Maria described. 


Model friend: Kadamabari Sadekar; Photos and styling: Rachana Nakra; Accessories: Stylist’s own


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