From fuffa to fabulous

If you know of Anna Dello Russo, then you know she is aptly described as a “fashion maniac.” I don’t know what her house looks like, but I imagine she lives in a baroque mansion with a rhinestone studded sunbed and a gilded wardrobe. When her top five fashion tips include the below, what else can you think?!

1. ACCESSORIZE ME, Color me, Shock me!

2. Choose only OFF-scale, HUGE, OVER-size, accessories.

3. Flashy jewels personalize your STYLE!

4. Amazing accessories‘ll renew your ASLEEP closet: Your old, so beloved, little black dress‘ll be reawakened by the impact of a chunky GOLDEN necklace.

5. Don’t want to give up your old consumed, shabby black coat? At least shake it with a THIGH-HIGH leather boots and a MASSIVE METAL clutch.

Not many could follow the sort of counsel on a day-to-day basis but I mean c’mon, you gotta love the woman.

AdR and her fuffa-free closet

AdR and her fuffa-free closet

But how did she inspire the name of my blog, you ask? Because we really can trust the Italians to solve any fashion dilemma. On a sunny morning, while I was taking in her  ‘Top 10 rules for the closet’, number 1 rang a gong in my head:

“Elimina tutta la FUFFA. perchè fuffa genera fuffa! I say this in Italian cause the word “FUFFA” is difficult to translate in English, but I try. Remove all RUBBISH because rubbish generates rubbish!”

Eliminate fuffa and be free – of guilt in your heart and a mess in your wardrobe. And the best part about that is, one girl’s fuffa could be another girl’s shopping spree. So much joy in the entire process isn’t it?

Till the next post, I’ll leave you with this:

Whether you know it or not, in AdR’s words, you need a fashion shower:


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